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April 2019, Update

Thank You to all the Donors that sent in feathers during the first quarter of 2019. You enabled us to send out 67 gifts, January – March, to 4 Hopi Villages and 12 New Mexico Pueblos. You have blessed so many out in the Pueblos and they are very appreciative and thankful for all that you do.

The first quarter is the slowest time of the year being between molting seasons. Hopefully the birds will start dropping feathers in the next few months and we will get busy filling orders again. I use this time to call and write people and organizations that own or care for birds to try to increase our Donor base. Without Donors there would not be many feathers gifted out.

While on the subject of Donors, please spread the word about “Feathers for Native Americans” to your Birder friends and help us get more Donors on our list this year.

These feathers that you take the time to gather and donate make a world of difference in the lives of so many of our Native American friends and families. I personally thank each and every one of you for your donations that also help to save Wild Macaws and Parrots, “One feather at a time”.


Spring has Sprung out in the Deserts of Arizona and New Mexico.

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