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About | Feathers for Native Americans

The “Feathers for Native Americans” project is a passion that I have of collecting molted Macaw, Parrot and Wild Turkey feathers and gift them to the Puebloan Tribes of Arizona and New Mexico to use in their traditional religious ceremonies, to adorn their ceremonial dance garb and to use along with their spiritual artifacts, at no cost or obligation on their part!


We are looking for Dedicated and Sincere bird owners or caretakers of birds in the USA that will commit to donating their molted feathers twice a year, (Spring Molt & Fall Molt) to assist Native Americans in their right to express their rich cultures and traditions and in a small way help save Wild Macaws and Parrots.


By gifting molted Macaw, Parrot and other exotic bird feathers, we can eliminate sellers of illegally imported feathers from Central and South America, that are hunting and killing Wild Macaws and Parrots for profit. Every feather donated from a molted living bird will have the potential to replace one that a Wild Macaw or Parrot was killed to supply the need. The molted feathers are a natural and renewable resource that's eco-friendly and humane. There is no danger to the birds and they are highly preferred by the Native Americans.


Native Americans have used feathers in their religious customs and traditions for the past millennium and will do so for the next millennium. Together we can HELP SAVE WILD MACAWS AND PARROTS and support Native Americans in maintaining their 1st Amendment rights under the Constitution and enable them to be able to continue their rich customs and traditions.

If you have molted feathers that you could donate towards this project it would be greatly appreciated. Click here to view our contact page for info on where to send your feathers.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: FEATHERS FROM RAPTORS SUCH AS EAGLES AND HAWKS OR MIGRATORY BIRDS ARE ILLEGAL TO POSSESS. WE NEVER ACCEPT DONATIONS OR EVER HAVE THESE TYPE OF FEATHERS! Wild and Domestic Turkeys, Macaw and other types of tropical exotic birds like Parrots, Cockatoos, Cockatiels, Parakeets and etc. from the United States are all acceptable. We never buy or sell feathers, they are always a gift.


Become a Donor today! Thanks for your interest............ Steven James

Feather Collection Center Address: 3415 Butterfly Arch, Virginia Beach, VA 23456


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