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"The Amazon Connection” April 2023

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Feathers for Native Americans is going International to help save the endangered Blue-throated Macaws of Bolivia.

There’s several ways YOU can help Save these Beautiful Endangered Macaws. Together we can make a difference in Latin America where the Wild Parrot and Macaw populations are dwindling. The Major threats, since the 70’s has been Deforestation and Illegal Wildlife Trafficking,decimating Wildlife populations. The Indigenous Tribes hunt these birds for their feathers to use in their Traditional Sacred Ceremonies as they have done for a millennium. Up Until the past 40-50 Years, Wild Bird populations were very plentiful throughout Latin America and using Wild Bird Feathers for Traditional Ceremonial use was not a threat. Today However,although a small percentage of the losses,the total populations suffer.

One Headdress uses 30-36 Macaw Tail feathers. Using Molted feathers would save 15-18 Macaws!

Conservation and Preservation of the threatened and endangered Blue-throat Macaw of the Bolivian Beni Savannah can be done with your help. We are working with Bennett Hennessey,Development Director of Asociacion Armonia of Bolivia,to seek out Owners and/or Caretakers of caged Parrots throughout the USA to gift their molted feathers to the Moxenos Indigenous Tribe. Their villages are located around the Blue-throat Macaw Reserves in Bolivia. The USA molted feathers will replace feathers from Wild Macaws & Parrots that are hunted by the Indigenous Tribes and used for their Traditional Sacred Ceremonies as they have done for a millennium.

As you know Molted feathers are a natural and renewable resource that is Eco-friendly, Humane and NO danger to the birds. There are thousands if not Millions of molted Parrot & Macaw Feathers across the United States at any given time that could be put to a wonderful use with little effort on the donor’s part. No cleaning is expected, just collect, box up and mail out as you accumulate a box or bucket full of feathers. That’s it. We will do all the rest; Sanitize, Clean, Sort, Bag, and Ship out.

Feathers for Native Americans is working on securing the permits required to export the feathers to Bolivia. We are expecting this program to be ongoing and need any help that you can supply. The particular feathers needed for this project will be the Tail and Wing feathers from Blue/Gold, Green-wing, Scarlet and Blue-throat Macaws and any of the Amazon Parrots.

If you can’t help by donating Feathers, Funds are needed to procure the various permits and shipping cost or you can help by simply spreading the word to other Bird Owners or Caretakers, and Organizations like Pet Shops,Sanctuaries,Turkey Hunters,Zoos and Veterinarians, all within your sphere of influence, in the Parrot Community. Just ask if they can help us make this happen. We see this as just another key to help solve the Threatening and Endangerment of the Wild Parrots & Macaws of Latin America and make a real impact on the Parrot populations in the Amazon.

Please help to Save the Wild Parrots & Macaws of Latin America

Feathers for Native Americans

3415 Butterfly Arch

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456

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