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October 2017, Update

Feathers for Native Americans 3rd QUARTER, 2017 UPDATE

Thank you to the following Donors for the feathers you sent in during the Third Quarter of this year. These Donors are: Wellesley Animal Hospital, Dianne Limerick, Andrea Frederick. Dr. Nancy Kalish, Kathy Rood, National Aviary, Lion Country Safari, Bryan Olson, National Aquarium, Kathy Sullivan, Joanna Moritz, Downtown Aquarium, Denver, Susan Cullinan, Debbie Kricensky, Dianne Kirkland, Bob & Joanne Dulski, Nancy Gibson, Audrey Hodgetts, Lisa Lazarus, Donna Stiles, Henry Vilas Zoo, Joe Bird of Jersey City, Nancy Snyder, M. Chase, Rolling Hills Zoo, Dianne Kirkland, RN, Bonnie Coe, St Augustine Alligator Farm, Oakland Zoo, Dianne Limerick, Dale Hammerschmidt, Lester Shenk, Shiela Vangilder and Geanea Leighland. Thanks again for helping us to send out 83 gifts to 5 Hopi Villages and 7 New Mexico Pueblos this time.

During the past quarter (July - September) we sent feathers out to the following Hopi Villages in Arizona: Bacavi, Kykotsmovi, Shungopavi, and Upper and lower Moencopi. Also sent feathers to the following New Mexico Pueblos: Acoma, Cochiti, Laguna, San Felipe, Santo Domingo, Tesuque, and Zuni. All the recipients of these feathers sincerely thank you for your help in providing them.

These feathers that you take the time to gather and donate make a world of difference in the lives of so many of our Native American friends and families. I personally thank each and every one of you for your donations that also help to save Wild Macaws and Parrots, “One feather at a time”. Please spread the word about “Feathers for Native Americans” to your Birder Friends and Caretakers to help us obtain more Donors this year.

Thanks again for your help and check those feathers!

Steven James, Feathers for Native Americans

Reuben Honahnie and Grandsons, Trevelle & Terrance

Reuben Honahnie and Grandsons, Trevelle & Terrance

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