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January 2016, Update


I would like to wish everybody “Happy New Year and Blessings to all”.

Lynnettie from the Zuni Pueblo says it this way; ”Ek'stanishi chi'mona don'ah dahdo don ansamo yani chi'ya do”.

And Kelly from Hopi in the village of Bacavi says it like this; “Puhuya'sangwuy ang uma ha'lay'yani. Uma umu'qatsiy' ö'qalyani.”

All of our Native American friends are very thankful and appreciative of the feathers all of you have labored all year long to save and send in for them.

Thank you Donors that sent feathers in from October through December. These donors include: Pam DiDominico, Bonnie Talluto, Tracy Aviary, Kari Ilbrink, Patty Deitsch, Tenzin Chodron, STAR-St. Louis Avian Rescue, Inc, The Crab Shack, Sherwood Smith, Diane Chiaro,St Augustine Alligator Farm, Sherry Nelson, Christy A. Kaufman, Claudia Garlick, Elisa Caruso, Dianne Limerick, Lisa Lazarus, Lisa Seiler and Sandy Barnes… as well as Turkey Hunter Larry Whitehurst. Thanks again and I’ve said before we could not have gifted eighty-two (82) Native American friends, from eleven (11) villages, without the help of your molted feather donations.

While on the subject of Donors, please spread the word about “Feathers for Native Americans” to your Birder friends and help us get more Donors on our list this year.

During the past quarter (October – December) we sent feathers out to the following;.........Arizona – Hopi reservation villages of Oraibi, Kykotsmovi, Upper Moencopi, Moshongnovi, Tewa and Walpi. ..... New Mexico - Pueblo villages include; Acoma, Isleta, Nambe, Santa Clara and Zuni.

All the recipients of these feathers sincerely thank you for your help in providing them.

Pictured is Elmer Hechilay with his wife Pauline and daughter Lynattie showing us one of his Turkey fans and some Military Macaw Tail Feathers that he received from us.They live in the Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico…..Also pictured is the process of sorting collected Peacock feathers my wife and I picked up this Fall locally here in Virginia Beach.

Hope all had a Merry Christmas and wish you and your families a Happy New Year from “Feathers for Native Americans”.

Thanks again for your help and check those feathers!

Steven James

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