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feather headress
blue-gold macaw
Hopi children
scarlet macaw
Zuni dancers
flying macaw

Help us save the birds!

We are a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) feather distribution program that collects molted feathers and donates them to the Pueblo Indians of the Southwest for use in their rich customs and traditions... No Feathers... No Problem. You can Donate by check to the address above. Be a part of Saving Wild Macaws & Parrots today and tell a friend. Thanks
By gifting molted Macaw and Parrot feathers, we can eliminate sellers of illegally imported feathers from Central and South America, that are hunting and killing Wild Macaws and Parrots for profit. Every feather donated from a molted living bird will replace one that a Wild Macaw or Parrot was killed to supply the need. (learn more)
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