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October 2022, Update

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

"The Magic of the Macaw"

Sorry it's been so long coming back to our Quarterly Updates, but from Covid-19 stopping everything from our 3rd Quarter Update,2020,to losing many friends to Covid-19,getting bogged down with Hundreds of request from the Pueblos during their shutdown time to catching Covid-19 and recovering. You could say it's been a Long and Hard year.But we're back, still with lots and lots of unfilled request but healthy again and ready to BEG for more Feathers and Monetary Donations.

The gorgeous brightly colored macaw parrots are native to many Latin American countries from Mexico to the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil. They are often referred to as “guacamaya” in Spanish. The name macaw actually comes from the Brazilian Portuguese word for the bird “macau.” There are 17 species of macaw, several of which are now endangered due to illegal trapping for domestication and trade, as well as the destruction of their habitat in certain rainforest areas.

Many people are fascinated by the brilliantly colored plumage, the intelligence, and the playfulness of these incredible birds. Bold blues and yellows, scarlet reds, and bright emerald greens paint the feathers of the various types of macaws. Although there are variations of size in the different species, macaws in general are one of the largest of parrots.

Although the macaw was not native to the lands north of Mexico, they were still valued and revered by many of the indigenous cultures of North America. Macaw feathers were often obtained through trade relationships with tribes from the south. The feathers of these brilliantly colored birds adorned prayer sticks and were used in healing ceremonies. Their feathers were not the only thing that was collected by certain tribes. The Anasazi, Pueblo, O'odham, and Zuni tribes were all known to keep the birds as pets and breed them in captivity. The Hopi, who descended from the Anasazi, have a Parrot Kachina spirit. The macaw was seen as a guardian associated with the direction of the south, as well as a symbol of summertime, fertility, and healing. The Pueblo people saw the macaw as a symbol of the sun.

The macaw is often a symbol of sacred union and lasting relationships. This idea is rooted in the fact that the macaw forms a pair bond and mates for life. The lifespan of a macaw can reach 80 years.

To many tribes,the macaw is also a symbol of song and communication. Their ability to mimic human speech has led to a belief in some tribes that these birds are sacred communicators between the human and the bird worlds. In the book Animal Speak, author Ted Andrews writes - "Parrots, in this sense, could be linked to ambassadors, diplomats, and interpreters for the bird realm. They have a magic that will enable you to understand others more effectively. They can help you awaken a sense of diplomacy."

The macaw evokes a sense of magic and grandeur.

It is no wonder to me that tribes from North to South America have revered this magnificent bird and considered it a powerful spirit animal, a symbol of magic and healing, and even a messenger of the gods. The conservation and protection of the rainforest is a crucial effort for the continued existence of the macaw. I lift a prayer that we humans can realize the need for our rainforests and that we all value the diversity and beauty that lives within these sacred forests. May we all fall in love with the beauty and magic of the macaw and make great efforts to protect the habitat in which they dwell.

Thanks so much for your help to save the Wild Macaws,Parrots and the Rich Customs and Traditions of our Southwestern Native Americans. Please continue to save those beautiful molted feathers, large and small. Your helping in our endeavors, one feather at a time is Greatly Appreciated.

Steven James Feathers for Native Americans

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