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October 2018, Update

3rd QUARTER, 2018

Thanks to all the Donors that sent in feathers from July thru September. These Donors include:

Inez Powers, Kathy Sullivan, Brad Dalton, Monika Maitland, Mark Szczypinski, Teri-Anne Eulberg, April R. Koeppel, Lynnette Swanson, Nancy Butterfield, Kathy Greaser, Garrett & Karen Twigg, Buddy Waskey, Helen Thomas, Donna Vazquez, Nancy Gibson, Bonnie Coe, Lori Kumskis, The Crab Shack, Debbie Kricensky, Dianne Kirkland, Tony Giddens, Jim & Sharon Scott, Lynda A. Sowers, Dianne Limerick, Marie Warren, Dale Shenk, Mary Arneson & Dale Hammerschmidt, Kersting Vet. Hospital, Mia Prensky, Victoria Booth, Janet Webb, Pet Paradise, Christy A. Kaufman, Dianne Kirkland, Frank & Suzanne Hirtz, Chanel Mullins, Wellesley Animal Hospital, Cameron, D Rosales, Theresa Palardy, Nancy Yuhasz, Cheryl Rawley, Rita Foringer, Joanna Moritz, and Jacquelyn Malman.

We have sent feathers out to the Hopi Reservation Pueblos in Arizona; The 1st Mesa villages of Sichomovi, Hano, the 2nd Mesa villages of Shongopavi, Shipaulovi and the 3rd Mesa villages of Kykotsmovi, Hotevilla and Moencopi. We also sent feathers to these New Mexico Villages; Acoma, Cochiti, Laguna, San Felipe, San Ildefonso, Tesuque and Zuni. We had 89 request and have sent out 69 packages to date this third quarter.

All the feathers received in the Pueblos are Sacred to our Native American friends of the Southwest as expressed here;

“When something is sacred, it does not have a price. I don't care if it's white people talking about heaven or Indian people talking about ceremonies. If you can buy it, it isn't sacred. Once you start to sell it, it doesn't matter whether your reasons are good or not. You are taking what is sacred and making it ordinary” ~Tashunka Witko~ (Crazy Horse)

Rodney Soseeah’s (Zuni) three daughters ready for the Fall Harvest dances. Thanks to the PCBS, (Peninsula Caged Bird Society) for donating all those feathers. Look at the size of the Macaw & Parrot feather Head Bundles. There must be at least a hundred feathers per bundle. Beautifully done Rodney and thanks for the picture. Just Beautiful!

Thanks to all the Donors for your help, "Saving

Wild Macaws & Parrots, One feather at a time."

Steven James,

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