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January 2018, Update

Happy New Year and Blessings to all… or as Kelly Renae Lomakema from Hopi in the village of Hotevilla/Bacavi would say; “Puhuya'sangwuy ang uma ha'lay'yani. Uma umu'qatsiy' ö'qalyani.”

Thanks to all the Donors that sent in feathers from October thru December. These Donors include:

Debbie Setzer, Dianne Kirkland, RN, Amanda Fulmer, Donna Clark, Beth Williams, Lisa Porter, Good Bird, Inc., Cameron, Lisa DeMasi, Monika M. Maitland, Ms. Patty Deitsch, Lori Kumskis, Lynda A. Sowers, Diane D. Wolff, Heather Tennison, Nancy Logterman, Dianne Limerick, Larson, Kathy Greaser, Nancy Yuhasz, Herta Bryant, Garrett & Karen Twigg, Dale Shenk, Nancy Butterfield, Buddy Waskey, Helen Thomas, Kersting Veterinary, Sherry A Nelson, Gabriella DeMasi, Andrea Hirsh, Mary Ann Larson, Leena Martin, Mary & Dale Hammerschmidt, Jacqueline Sarricchio, L. Manning, Pam Hennessy, Lynda A. Sowers, Bonnie Coe, Celeste Cormier, Dr Nancy Kalish, Turtle Back Zoo.

Thanks again for helping us to send out 92 gifts to 6 Hopi Villages and 8 New Mexico Pueblos this time.

During the month of December the Pueblos in Hopi have been quiet, resting, and meditating on the upcoming year and seeking peace for you, me and the whole world. Prayers have gone up for all the Donors of the feathers that were received because they are so thankful and because the gift of feathers is so sacred to all of our American Indian friends. Best explained by a Native American hero;

“When something is sacred, it does not have a price. I don't care if it's white people talking about heaven or Indian people talking about ceremonies. If you can buy it, it isn't sacred. Once you start to sell it, it doesn't matter whether your reasons are good or not. You are taking what is sacred and making it ordinary” ~Tashunka Witko~ (Crazy Horse)

Thanks again for your help,

Steven James, Feathers for Native Americans

Beautiful Turkey Feathers
Neil Yazzie

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