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April 2017, Update

Thanks to the following Donors that sent in feathers during the first Quarter of 2017: Henry Vilas Zoo, Lisa Moreno, Andrea Frederick, Earl L Herman, Julie J St. John, Gene and Teresa Sutter, Jenkinson’s Aquarium, Doug Cobb, R. Zastrow, Scott Lile, Dianne Limerick, Monika Maitland

We were able to send out 49 gifts to 4 Hopi Villages and 6 New Mexico Pueblos. They were: Tewa, Shongopavi, Shipaulovi and Moencopi in Hopi and Acoma, Laguna, San Felipe, Santa Clara, Tesuque and Zuni Pueblos in New Mexico. Again we thank all the Donors for all that you do and provide or these people.

Here are a couple examples of how your feathers are used to make Head Pieces. These are used in the Traditional dances held in the many Pueblos in Arizona and New Mexico. Beautiful work.

The Ceremonies and Dances are getting into high gear now out in the Southwest for our Native American friends. May all Stay Safe, Be Blessed and have a beautiful Spring.

Thanks again for your help and check those feathers! The Spring molt is here.

Feathers for Native Americans, 3415 Butterfly Arch,Virginia Beach, VA 23456

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