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April 2016, Update

The first quarter is the slowest time of the year being between molting seasons. Hopefully the birds will start dropping feathers in the next few months and we will get busy filling orders again. I use this time to call and write people and organizations that own or care for birds to try to increase our Donor base. Without Donors there would not be many feathers gifted out.

Thanks to all the Donors that sent feathers in from January thru March. These donors include: Monika M. Maitland, Colleen Martin, Vicky-Kessler Kennedy, Theresa Palardy, Larisa Draaisma, National Aquarium, LiMing McMahon, Nancy Snyder, Dianne Limerick, Andrea Frederick, Safari West, The Crab Shack, and Nancy Pierce….. As well as turkey hunter Artie Derrenbacker. Thanks again for your loyalty and helping us to send out 43 gifts to 13 villages during the first quarter of 2016.

While on the subject of Donors, please spread the word about “Feathers for Native Americans” to your Birder friends and help us get more Donors on our list this year.

During the past quarter (January - March) we sent feathers out to the following Hopi Villages in Arizona; Upper and lower Moencopi, Polacca, Bacavi, Shungopavi and Mishongnovi. Also sent feathers to the following New Mexico Pueblos; Cochiti, Acoma, Tesuque, San Felipe, Jemez, Santo Domingo, and Zuni.

All the recipients of these feathers sincerely thank you for your help in providing them.

A few selfies from three of our latest recipients of the last 90 days.

Jay Quintana from Santo Domingo A short message to all of you from Jay; “Received blessings in the mail today, from The Featherman. Thank you so much Mr. James!I cannot express how much these gifts mean to me and my family.”

The Acoma Rain Dancers from Acoma

The Acoma Rain Dancers from the Acoma Pueblo

Gabe Chavez from the Cochiti Pueblo

These feathers that you take the time to gather and donate make a world of difference in the lives of so many of our Native American friends. I personally thank each and every one of you for your donations that also help to save Wild Macaws and Parrots, one feather at a time.

Thanks again for your help and check those feathers!

Steven James

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