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Thanks to the following Donors that sent in feathers during the first Quarter of 2017: Henry Vilas Zoo, Lisa Moreno, Andrea Frederick, Earl L Herman, Julie J St. John, Gene and Teresa Sutter, Jenkinson’s Aquarium, Doug Cobb, R. Zastrow, Scott Lile, Dianne Limerick, Monika Maitland

       We were able to send out 49 gifts to 4 Hopi Villages and 6 New Mexico Pueblos. They were: Tewa, Shongopavi, Shipaulovi...


Happy New Year and Blessings to all… Or as Lynette Homer-Johnson from Zuni would say it “Ek'stanishi chi'mona don'ah dahdo don ansamo yani chi'ya do”

Thanks to all the Donors that sent in feathers from October thru December. These Donors include: Peninsula Caged Bird Society, Beatha Sellman, Lisa Lazarus, Henry Vilas Zoo, Lisa Porter, Dianne Limerick, Bonnie Talluto, Leonette Cooper, The London Bridge Hun...


Thanks to all the Donors that sent in feathers from July thru September. These Donors include: Jenkinson’s Aquarium, Bob & Joanne Dulski, Knippenberg, Henry Vilas Zoo, Fran Rivera, National Aviary, Jill Brown, Claudia Melteff, Erie Zoo, Karen Hopkins, Joanna Moritz, Lisa De Masi, London Bridge Hunt Club, St Augustine Alligator Farm, Rhonda Lindsay, Mark Szczypinski, Kathy Sullivan,  Oakland Zoo, Dianne L...


                                        AC Honyouti from Hopi says THANKS!

Here on the East Coast the molt season has been very slow getting started. It has been a cool Spring and very rainy. Not sure if that was the c...


The first quarter is the slowest time of the year being between molting seasons. Hopefully the birds will start dropping feathers in the next few months and we will get busy filling orders again. I use this time to call and write people and organizations that own or care for birds to try to increase our Donor base. Without Donors there would not be many feathers gifted out.

Thanks to all the Donors that s...






I would like to wish everybody “Happy New Year and Blessings to all”.

Lynnettie from the Zuni Pueblo says it this way; ”Ek'stanishi chi'mona don'ah dahdo don ansamo yani chi'ya do”.

And Kelly from Hopi in the village of Bacavi says it like this; “Puhuya'sangwuy ang uma ha'lay'yani. Uma umu'qatsiy' ö'qalyani.”

All of our Native American friends are...


The “Hatched To Fly Free” Nursery Rehabilitation Facility provides specialist care to macaws and parrots leading to release back into the wild.

The Central American scarlet macaw are now critically endangered with extinction.

Habitat loss, population fragmentation, and illegal poaching for the black market have reduced their population in the wild and numbers today are estimated to be below 4,000.

The large...

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