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Greetings from “Feathers for Native Americans”,    

Here is our 3rd Quarter Update.

Thanks to all that Donated feathers last quarter. They were greatly appreciated and are already out in the Pueblos.

Lots of exciting NEWS & Request for ACTION in this Update.

FIRST, I’m in the process of setting up a Feather Distribution Program out in the Zuni reservation. I hope to get this going by The first...


During our trip in May, out to the Southwest, we met several new friends in the Pueblos of San Felipe, Zuni and Hopi. We also delivered feathers to many old acquaintances. I have attached a couple pictures of recipients of the feathers that we delivered to in the Hopi village of Moencopi.

The first picture is of Dan Kelhoyouma and his son Tyler. They were very appreciative of the Macaw and Wild Turkey fea...

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